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Sentinel is a crisis communications platform that improves and accelerates your crisis response. Dynamic, digital tools allow you to send mass notification alerts, share documents. Communicate via chat channel and attend instant conference calls.

Developed as a mobile-first solution, Sentinel is accessible anywhere, anytime. Administrators have eyes-on access, with all data secured for post-incident review. Sentinel is used for critical incident management and crisis response extensively in the financial, legal, entertainment and engineering sectors.


Detego is the only global RFID software provider focused solely on retail. They deliver the most comprehensive end-toend SaaS RFID platform on the market; increasing accuracy, efficiency, and revenue uplift across the value chain which are used globally by Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and Enterprise Organizations’. They are also a division of MCM Solutions (MCMS), a British Company that has developed the Detego Digital Technology Platform that is used by, and been developed alongside Tier 1 organisations such as Military Special Forces and Enterprises.

Retailers using Detego platform around the world include Adidas, Levi’s and BESTSELLER. Detego is built to support factories, distribution centres and stores to count and track individual items across the supply chain with complete accuracy. They have five global offices located in United Kingdom, United States, Kenya, South Africa and Dubai.


Todd Research is a global expert in threat detection Xray equipment for safety and security founded in 1950. Since developing the world’s first mailroom X-ray scanner in 1973, they’ve expanded their product range to cover a wide range of security solutions, each designed to aid the detection of suspect devices.

They make designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs security equipment and cutting edge x-ray scanners to corporate offices, government departments, and venues. They serve customers worldwide. Their clients range from Embassies around the world to many of the FTSE top 100 companies. They provide services to public and private corporations; and industries, such as aviation, education, emergency services, energy, facilities management, financial services, government, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and utilities in the United Kingdom and internationally.


SRS has been providing high quality security services within and beyond Singapore since 2006. In the past 12 years, SRS has grown from a local security agency into a complete security solutions provider beyond the shores of Singapore. Their client base consists of more than 50 individuals and corporations. Countries where we have a foothold, include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand.

With their team of highly trained security personnel, SRS has fulfilled the security needs of the Private, Governmental, Commercial & Industrial, Residential and Financial Technology sectors. They are also in full compliance with the Singapore Police Licensing & Regulatory Department.


Shield Integrated Security Solution (Shield-ISS) was founded in Singapore by SRS Investment Holdings Pte Ltd (SRS-IH) and CEO George Goh in 2021 with the mission of providing a holistic integrated security solution for clients in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region They provide a comprehensive suite of services including Protective Security Services; Security Risk Advisory; Corporate Risk Advisory; Regulatory Compliance; Cybersecurity; Technology Solutions; System Integrations and Secured Logistics to their clients.