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December 02, 2023

Affected country: Philippines
Glide: EQ-2023-000245-PHL
The magnitude 7.4 earthquake that occurred off the coast of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur on Saturday, 2 December, 10:37 p.m. local time was caused by movements in the Philippine trench, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS). The quake, initially reported by PHIVOLCS with 7.5 magnitude, was changed to 6.9, eventually to 7.4, raised a tsunami alert, which was lifted on Sunday morning, 3 December local time. Movements of the 1,320 km long Philippine trench on the Eastern seaboard of the country have generated 10 earthquakes with magnitude 7 or more in the last 100 years, with last one of 7.6 magnitude in 2012.
Since the earthquake, PHIVOLCS recorded over 660 aftershocks, ranging from magnitudes 1.4 to 6.5; which are expected to continue over the coming days.
The tsunami alert caused an immediate evacuation to higher grounds of over 26,000 people living in coastal areas of the provinces of Surigao del Sur and Davao Oriental. Most have returned home after the tsunami alert was lifted by PHIVOLCS. (OCHA, 3 Dec 2023)

November 17, 2023

Affected country: Dominican Republic
Glide: FL-2023-000236-DOM
Since 17 November, a tropical depression has been bringing heavy rainfall, flooding and landslides to the Dominican Republic. According to the country’s Emergency Operations Centre, the extreme weather has left at least 21 people dead and forced more than 13,000 people to evacuate. At least 15 electricity circuits and 115 aqueducts have been affected, causing disruptions in electricity service for more than 150,000 people and water service for some 1.8 million people. The National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewage and EDESUR are working to restore their respective services in the affected areas.
According to preliminary reports, more than 1,500 homes, 6 roads and 5 bridges have been affected. Some 19 communities remain cut off due to the overflow of rivers. Fourteen provinces (Pedernales, San Juan, Barahona, Azua, San José Ocoa, Bahoruco, Independencia, Elías Piña, San Cristóbal, Peravia, Sánchez Ramírez, El Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo and Duarte) across the country remain at a red alert level due to the risk of further flooding and landslides. Heavy rainfall is forecast to continue through until 20 November. (OCHA, 20 Nov 2023)

November 16, 2023

Affected country: Malaysia
Glide: EP-2023-000221-MYS
Until October 2023, the number of dengue cases surged by 100.5 per cent, totaling 96,443 cases cumulatively, a signicant increase from the 48,109 cases reported in 2022. In 2022, Malaysia documented roughly 64,078 dengue fever cases nationwide, 26,365 cases in 2021, and 90,304 cases in 2020. Regarding fatalities, a total of 73 deaths from dengue-related complications were recorded by 22 October 2023, compared to 29 deaths during the same period in 2022. In October 2023, daily cases averaged above 300. Currently, there are 73 dengue hotspot localities nationwide, with Selangor state hosting the highest number of hotspots (51), while other states have single-digit counts. Selangor's Petaling and Hulu Langat districts record the most cases, and within Petaling, the top three aected sub-districts are Petaling (5,570), Damansara (4,930), and Sungai Buloh (4,160). (IFRC, 17 Nov 2023)

November 15, 2023

Affected countries: Fiji, Solomon Islands
Glide: TC-2023-000219-FJI
A low-pressure formed north of the Solomon Islands on Friday, 10 November 2023. This weather system developed into tropical disturbance TD02F on Saturday, 11 November 2023, and moved slowly to the east of the Solomon Islands. It is likely to intensify into a Category 3 tropical cyclone by Tuesday, 14 November 2023, or early Wednesday, 15 November 2023. Fiji Met Oce released a tropical cyclone alert on 12 November 2023, informing the projected path expected to approach the Fiji Group from later on Tuesday and continue its journey through the country on 15 November 2023. While the current projected path is over Viti Levu, there is signicant uncertainty at present as the system has not yet fully developed. It may become much clearer when the system becomes a tropical cyclone.
Given this new development, the whole Fiji Group is advised to be on alert for a possible tropical cyclone. Gale to storm force winds is likely over the country from later Tuesday into Wednesday, 14-15 November 2023. These winds can break tree branches, blow unsecured and loose materials, disrupt communication network and power supply due to damaged power lines, damage temporary and weak structures, increase the risk of sea travel for all types of sea crafts, and increase the risk for hazardous breaking waves and coastal inundation of debris along low lying coastal areas, especially during high tides. (IFRC, 15 Nov 2023)

November 11, 2023

Affected country: United Republic of Tanzania
Glide: FL-2023-000241-TZA
Heavy rainfall has been affecting northern Tanzania, in particular the Arusha Region, bordering with southern Kenya since late October, causing floods, flash floods and rivers overflow that have resulted casualties and damage. Media report, as of 16 November, ten fatalities, approximately 90 displaced families and a number of damaged houses and bridges across the Arusha District, Arusha Region. The worst affected villages and neighbourhoods in Arusha District are Muriet, Terrat, Elerai, Morombo, Lolovono and Ngarenaro. Over the next 24 hours, more heavy rainfall with locally very heavy rainfall is forecast over most of the country. (ECHO, 16 Nov 2023)
The latest update received from local government, shared on 13 November, reported more than 10,090 people, or 2,018 households suffered floods and landslide are affected with 12 deaths reported, 1,245 houses completely destroyed, and 1,074 latrines collapsed. The figures are likely to increase given the difficult access to most of the affected areas due to water levels. People in these affected areas have been evacuated to earlier mapped out safer areas. However, they have limited access to basic services. (IFRC, 23 Nov 2023)

November 03, 2023

Affected country: Nepal
Glide: EQ-2023-000214-NPL
On 03 November at 18:02 UTC a 5.6 M earthquake at a depth of 17.9 km struck Nepal, with epicentre in Jajarkot of Karnali province. Several aftershocks have occurred since. Tremors were felt across North India. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) 140 people have been killed and 140 injured. (ECHO, 04 Nov 2023)

November 02, 2023

Affected country: Ethiopia
Glide: FL-2023-000229-ETH
Heavy rainfall has been affecting southern and eastern Ethiopia, in particular the Somali Region, since early November, causing floods, flash floods and the overflow of some rivers, particularly the Genale River, that have resulted in casualties and damage. Media reports, as of 7 November, 20 fatalities and more than 12,000 displaced families across the Somali Region. In addition, several bridges collapsed and some roads have been damaged across the affected area. Over the next 24 hours, more heavy rainfall with locally very heavy rainfall is forecast over the whole Somali Region. (ECHO, 7 Nov 2023)

October 30, 2023

Affected country: Paraguay
Glide: FL-2023-000217-PRY
Between October 30 to November 4, 2023, the regions of Misiones, Itapúa, Ñeembucú, and Alto Paraná in Paraguay experienced a devastating flood caused by heavy rains and the overflowing of the Paraná River. This unprecedented crisis resulted from intense rainfall in the eastern region of the country and the opening of the Yacyretá dam. As a result, the Paraná River, usually measuring 1.50 meters, surged to an astonishing 6.3 meters, leading to widespread inundation in the affected cities. [...] Severe weather events in Paraguay's central and eastern regions have resulted in more than 7,000 families (35,000 people) affected across the country. [...] More than 3,000 families (15,000 people) are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance as they contend with the flooding crisis. (IFRC, 10 Nov 2023)

October 30, 2023

Affected country: Colombia
Glide: FL-2023-000232-COL
Since 30 October, there have been heavy and prolonged rains outside the normal range in the Colombian Caribbean, affecting the north of the country, especially in the coastal area, with greater intensity in the departments of La Guajira, Bolivar, Magdalena and Atlántico. According to the National Unit for Risk and Disaster Management (UNGRD), because of the rains, there have been multiple floods, landslides, communication problems and families affected by the effects of the Atmospheric Disturbance (AL97), which is a climatic instability that alters atmospheric conditions and causes strong winds and rainfall ... According to the reports consolidated by the regional offices, around 13,696 families (41,088 people) were affected by the emergency, with damage to their homes, limited access to drinking water and livelihoods affected. Of these, 600 families are in the department of Atlántico, 10,200 families in the department of Bolívar and 2,896 families in the department of Magdalena. (IFRC, 18 Nov 2023)

October 26, 2023

Affected country: Burundi
Glide: FL-2023-000231-BDI
Intense rainfall of 26 to 27 October resulting in strong winds and floods that affected Cibitoke. Other floods were reported earlier but from assessment done by NS on 2 November, Cibitoke remains the most affected so far. 1,590 people are identified as affected in the communes of Buganda, Murwi and Rugombo in Cibitoke. In the province and more precisely in the three communes, following the landslides recorded and floods that impacted Cibitoke, hundreds of households are displaced and have found refuge in host households. [...] From cumulative incident reports, since October 2023, some provinces have started facing heavy rain with strong winds which caused the following damages. Since October, localized floods in Makamba, Ngozi, Cibitoke led to 7 dead, 34 persons injured. Multiple events of strong winds, landslides and flooding from early October have made 4456 affected people and damaged infrastructures. However, the worst affected areas for now remain Cibitoke. (IFRC, 20 Nov 2023)