Security Manager

Full Time
1 week ago

Some key responsibilities of the role are...

Provides supervision and direction to Security and Protection personnel.

Manages various shift schedules for subordinates.

Monitor the use of medical leave and vacations

Implements and monitors compliance with company protection policies and procedures in the application of subordinate management.

Advises department heads on issues related to safety and security (ISPS Code).

Coordinates protection matters and advises the Protection Coordinator and OPIPs, as required.

Interact with appropriate port authorities, Coast Guard, police and civil defence authorities.

Assess potential risks to personnel or the port by implementing controls to mitigate the risks.

Responsible for authorizing entry passes to port areas.

Conducts investigation of significant safety/security related incidents.

Provides security awareness messages to various departments through team meetings

Oversees deliverables for subordinate positions

Complies with existing procedures and suggests recommendations for improvement

Follow up on audit observations made by authorities and/or regional/corporate office

Evaluate the risks of new projects carried out at the facility to determine whether controls are implemented prior to implementation.

Applies LEAN techniques (KAIZEN, PROBLEM SOLVING, etc.) for continuous improvement with a focus on customer problems and protection risks

Develops, updates and communicates the terminal's crisis management plan with peers in other areas

Develops, updates and communicates the terminal's business continuity plan, coordinating with peers in other areas

Report protection incidents on the platform defined by parent company S

Maintain an updated CCTV camera maintenance plan seeking to reduce blind spots

Apply HSEQ policies, procedures and systems, standards and guidelines to provide a safe and secure business operation. Also, apply the Internal Work Regulations and the Code of Conduct during the performance of duties. Know the Quality, Safety and Environment Policy.

Provide support in functions assigned by the immediate supervisor and support in area projects.