Simon Gibbons

Board of Advisor

Simon commenced his career in corporate fraud and investigations in 2005 with over fifteen years experience in the New South Wales Police Force in Australia. He is an accomplished investigator specialising in protracted and complex technical investigations having worked in a range of highly specialised divisions.

Simon was trained in all forms of covert evidence gathering methodologies using specialised electronic equipment following his selection into the Covert Evidence Officers Training Program. He received a number of commendations for his investigations and was awarded the NSW Police Service Medal for Diligent and Ethical Service.

In 2003, Simon assisted in the establishment of the New South Wales Police State Electronic Evidence Branch. He is skilled in the field of computer forensics and has a proven track record in the gathering, preserving, analysing and production of electronic data and providing expert testimony at judicial proceedings.

In 2008, Simon began developing an online platform specifically designed with the corporate security industry in mind. This developed into International Crisis Room (ICR360). The community now consists of over 10,000 members across 140 countries. It has become the number one trusted online private community for security professionals to share information, resource and discussions.