George Wheeler

Board of Advisor

George began his career as a Security Specialist in the US Air Force. His distinguished military career allowed him to build a solid foundation of security knowledge and application, performing security functions from protecting national leaders and assets vital to national security to performing counter terrorism functions abroad during periods of armed conflicts.

From 2006 – 2014, George’s responsibility in senior security positions allowed him to develop and implement effective security programs for multi-national organizations with high value assets, supervise large security teams in the US and Malaysia, perform global audits for Fortune 50 companies, and develop security command and intelligence centers that serviced global organizations.

George has been recognized as a leader within every organization he has been a member. His 30 year security career has been very diverse and has given him a perspective for security that adds value and offers solutions that can be executed to make an immediate impact on an organization. As a testament of his character, George was nominated by his peers and supervisors as the U.S. Safety Representative and Business Practices Officer; responsible for implementing the organization’s U.S. Ethics Program.

George works with ShadowTrack 24/7 and is a member of the ICR360 Board of Advisors where he listens to the needs of ICR360 members and then leads the development of the products and services offered by ICR360's online platform, industry training, and risk management and crisis room services.