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Are you a crisis leader?

A disaster, no matter how big or small can make or break a leader. ICR360 Community helps you prepare and respond to an organization's challenges during a crisis. A membership with the ICR360 includes a host of various benefits, including access to our crisis mapping solution, collaborating with industry peers towards resolving crisis issues, co-hosting our networking events, steep discounts all year round, and much more!


Membership Benefits

  • Crisis Mapping
    Explore a free world. Access to a world map hotspot that can detect multiple events simultaneously. Quickly determine the updated situation near you.

  • Collaboration of Industry Peers in Crisis
    We are all in this together! A collaboration with professionals’ expertise and active members of the platform towards resolving the addressed issues. Upgrade to a premium plan to get unlimited for a year..

  • Online Training
    Go above and beyond. We offer online training courses to help your organization/team to learn the most important skills and strategies to the situations and most applicable tools of successful crisis management in a fast and efficient way

  • Career Development
    Don't lose the opportunity, take a big step in your career! Get access to global jobs daily and interact with the Board of Advisors by subscribing to our premium membership plan. up-level the opportunity that awaits you.

  • Private Groups
    Building and Connecting: An online platform for collaboration of real-time active events around the world. Access to a secured data and information environment to resolve issues constructively.

  • Crisis Rooms
    Create and get updated! You can now view and be part of the current issues that you’ve been searching for. Provided in different rooms that are created specifically in a real-time event, compiled with headlines, articles, and many more! Sign-up now! and Set up your Crisis Room.