First Response and Security Coordinator

Full Time
1 week ago

This role is composed of an operational part and a strategic part (50%-50%).

Operationally, you will be the daily first point of contact to provide advice, instruction, guidance and support for following areas of the organization: BHV, EHBO, First response and Security. You will be asked to:

  • Define, validate and track progression of training plans with external partners.

  • Ensure processes are working to have all necessary materials available at any time.

  • Define and follow plans of inspections of equipment.  

  • Support audits and inspection systems, and ensure CAPA’s closure.

  • Define impact of projects and changes, together with local and regional Engineering, Production and Quality, to ensure that all the applicable laws, regulations and standards are taken into account at every stage of each project undertaken.

  • Develop and keep track of relevant KPI’s.

  • Connect with local agencies and other regulatory bodies.

Strategically, you will be asked to review our processes, and where needed develop new ways of working:

  • Conduct a new RI&E of our BNO organization, leading to a strong plan of action.

  • Assess the sustainability of the different parts of the BNO organization in terms of resources and knowledge, and come up with plan to close potential gaps.

  • Develop reliable, efficient and sustainable ways of working, internally and with our external partners.